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JSV Innovations

We believe sustainable long-term solution to India’s health inequity is through creating better access for a wider rural population to evidence-based primary healthcare, health education, and public health initiatives. This will reduce disease burden through widespread screening, earlier detection and less cost-intensive management; thus building ‘health’ in the society. Significant growth is waiting to happen in this space.

Of course, we need more hospitals; but there is a great imbalance in investment. Much of the resources are being spent on building more and more hospitals which treat ‘after’ a patient has contracted disease!

Our Thoughts

“Health for a Billion”

A ‘Make in India’ model for cutting-edge technology enabled financially sustainable primary care delivery system owned and operated by professionally trained local youth stakeholders; that is scalable and replicable across geographies to lift the almost 50% of the world’s population who live without access to proper care, in a disenfranchised state – a ‘global solution’.

“The Health Eco-system”

Our Field presence will identify the need; Institutional partnerships will provide the science & technology; Local stakeholders will implement the solutions; Training centres will create human resources; Managed Hospitals will enable institutional treatment for the subset of patients identified as requiring them. An Enterprise model will bind them all, for sustainability, scalability and value-creation.